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Product Information
Region Code: ALL
Picture Format: NTSC
Cast: Ha Ji Won, Lee Seo Jin, Kim Min Joon
Release Date: August 30, 2004
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English
Publisher: YA Entertainment
Number of Episodes: 14
Number of Discs: 7
SRP: $99.99
UPC#: 880604000053


A Korean drama on an unprecedented scale, Damo tells a tale of love, conspiracy, loyalty, and honor. Taking place in Korea during the 17th century, the story focuses on the destinies of three central characters. Damo sets a new standard with dazzling special effects, breathtaking cinematography, and mystical martial art scenes.

A case of counterfeiting money troubles the Police Bureau of Hansung, the old capital city of Korea. Jang Chae-Ohk (Ha Ji-Won), a young lady police detective, is sent by Commander Hwangbo Yoon (Lee Seo-Jin) to investigate the case. However, what appears to be a small case of counterfeiting turns out to be a much larger national conspiracy. Soon, Chae-Ohk finds herself faced with an insurrection lead by the very charismatic, Jang Sung-Baek (Kim Min-Joon).

A man of the law, Commander Hwangbo Yoon is set on clearing the government of corruption. A man of the people, Jang Sung-Baek focuses only on tearing down social hierarchy and creating a world of equality. Amid a whirlwind of evil much larger than anyone could have imagined, Chae-Ohk must fulfill her destiny and become the legendary lady detective - Damo!

Each Limited Edition Damo box set comes with a Reference Guide providing episode-by-episode reference information about relevant aspects of Korean culture and significant story background elements to help viewers thoroughly understand the storyline and action. The Reference Guide also contains introductions for all 17 lead characters in Damo.

A sampling of the Damo Reference Guide (included in each DVD set):

Episode 1
In ancient Korea, rather than numbering political offices or government divisions with "first," "second," and "third," it was common to use, middle, right, and left. The use of "Left Police Bureau" and "Right Police Bureau" is not indicative of their domains over the city, but merely a numbering system in much the same way Americans have precincts and district numbers.

Episode 2
With regards to the character named "Mah Chuk-Ji," Chuk-Ji is NOT his true first name. His true first name is never mentioned in the Damo series. "Chuk-Ji" literally means, "compress space;" more akin to a nickname like "Quick-foot Mah."

Episode 3
As explained previously, the word "damo" has a dual meaning. One is the literal meaning of tea servant. The other is the implicit understanding that "damos" in the Police Bureau were female police detectives. The drama presupposes that all people during the 17th century were aware of this dual meaning.

What is a "Damo?"
Damo literally means "tea servant." These female servants were trained in the way of brewing and pouring tea. However, according to ancient Korean records, "Damos" were often used as undercover police detectives. While serving the royal class, they were given authority to investigate and solve important cases.